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Published 2019-03-11

Ivy League Rankings

Everyone wants to attend a good school for undergraduate study, right? If you've been studying up on top tier schools, more than likely, you have encountered the term "Ivy League". But have you ever stopped to think: What does "Ivy League" really mean? And if so, what are the Ivy League schools that fit the description? A lot goes into the application process for this cadre of highly selective schools and it never hurts to have more information than less. Let's dive into the concept behind Ivy League and the schools that belong in such a category.

Published 2019-03-01

SAT Scores for Top Universities

Knowing your school's average SAT score can be of great value when determining your own course of study. Have you taken the time to explore the median scores of undergraduate programs to which you're applying? Knowledge is power—and frankly, knowing the knowledge of your competition in comparison to other students is vital in determining your own score aspirations and goals. Read on to learn of some crucial data as it relates to the SAT and your prospective undergraduate colleges and universities.

Published 2019-01-29

Free Official SAT Practice Tests

Practicing for the SAT is important for attaining a high score, but so is utilizing mock exams. And even better when the mock exams are free! Don't you think it's time you found out where to find the best free official SAT practice tests? Read on and you can find out. After all, what better tool is there than a means of tracking your own hard-earned progress?

Published 2018-12-07

SAT to ACT Score Conversion

Converting your SAT to ACT score is a technique many students utilize when determining which exam is right for them. Have you always wondered what your potential ACT score would be? Some students only prepare for the SAT since it has been the traditional college entrance exam for decades and decades, but have wondered if their skillset might cause for a better performance on the ACT. If you're one of these students and would like to know how you would do on the ACT with only your SAT background, then a conversion chart is in order to help you determine a prospective score. After all—aren't we all curious how we would do one either of these exams?

Published 2018-11-30

What's a Good SAT Score?

If you're studying for the SAT, you're more than likely asking yourself: What's a good SAT score? Naturally, everyone wants a top tier score, one that is impressive and facilitates admission to the school of your dreams. But what does that number look like? How do you determine an optimal score in conjunction with your competition? Examining average scores from elite schools is a great way to find out. Read on to learn more about your own score ambitions and how you can get to the top of your SAT game.

Published 2018-11-05

PSAT to SAT Score Conversion

Converting your PSAT score to a projected SAT score is an incredibly valuable tool when preparing for the undergraduate admissions process. Clearly, the PSAT is a valuable pre-test to evaluate your abilities in terms of future SAT performance and knowing how to make an accurate conversion can only bring you one step closer to an idea of how you'd perform on exam day. Whether it's converting an old SAT score or a new one—we've got you covered with this up-to-date information.

Published 2018-10-25

SAT Score Percentiles

SAT percentiles matter a lot. More than likely, you are totally immersed in SAT strategies and techniques and the word "percentiles" is the last on your mind—especially with learning new vocabulary for the challenging vocab section! But learning more about the percentile process and where you line up with your own projected SAT score will help you better understand the admissions process. After all, don't you want to learn all that you can so you can perform the best you can on test day? Read on to find out more about SAT percentiles—you won't regret it!

Published 2018-10-01

SAT Score Release Dates

Choosing the right time to take the SAT is an important decision in any high schooler's academic career. After all, taking the SAT is only one part of a grander equation when it comes to undergraduate admission procedures. In addition to finding the right exam date, you must also decide when you intend to formally submit your application—which includes months of gathering transcripts and letters of recommendation. Let's face it, applying to college exists on a tight schedule. So why wait any longer than you hate to? This article informs you all that you need to know when it comes to SAT score release dates as it pertains to your exam.

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